Our team of statisticians and social scientists use cutting edge, but proven, techniques to ensure our estimates are accurate. Further, the DTD technology uses state of the art automated error checking and sample monitoring to alert us to any developing problems so they can be quickly corrected (usually via appropriate sample management).

Annual Assessment Surveys

Annual Assessment Surveys of all employees based on an in-depth questionnaire probing the most important drivers of employee engagement, employee satisfaction, leadership effectiveness, and workplace climate

Continuous Monitoring Surveys

Continuous Monitoring Surveys that rely on daily sampling of (only a very few) employees using optimal small-sample survey methods, statistics, cutting-edge statistical analysis, and fully automated sample management
    • Impact Analysis
    Impact Analysis

    We enable clients to create targeted strategic interventions to core segments for maximal impact. Through dynamic tracking and Bayesian analytics[...]

    • Dynamic Tracking
    Dynamic Tracking

    We enable clients to dynamically monitor the attitudes of consumers and employees through high-frequency micro-sampling and dynamic survey optimization.[...]